Fares Resume November 1

October 6, 2021 03:29 PM



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Ben Franklin Transit Resuming Fare Collection on November 1 

October is the last month for riders to try BFT’s new METRO routes and Sunday Service for FREE! 


RICHLAND, Wash. – After 19 months of providing all services free-of-charge, Ben Franklin Transit (BFT) will resume fare collection beginning November 1, 2021. The agency discontinued fare collection for bus, Dial A Ride and CONNECT ride share services when the pandemic was still in its early stages. This change, along with the discontinuation of front door boarding on buses, was implemented to protect both bus operators and riders. 


“In the past year and a half, a lot has changed,” shared Gloria Boyce, Ben Franklin Transit’s General Manager. “We’ve added barriers to protect our operators, HEPA filters, additional air sanitizing systems, and increased vehicle disinfection protocols; all to help ensure the health and safety of our operators and riders.  Those measures, along with the federally mandated mask requirement and availability of an FDA approved vaccine, have enabled BFT to move forward in planning for resumption of fares.   


Our team has been working overtime to keep riders and operators safe while we slowly returned to normal service,” stated Boyce. “In fact, we’ve pushed beyond normal service and implemented some of our largest enhancements to BFT services during this time. October is the perfect time for folks to try our new METRO routes that directly connect Kennewick, Pasco and Richland and run every 15 minutes…or give our Sunday services a try.  All BFT services will remain fare-free through the month of October. For more information regarding BFT services visit bft.org. 


How to Purchase Passes and Tickets for November: 

Sales of monthly passes and tickets will resume Friday, October 22. Riders can purchase online at bft.org/fares or by calling 509-735-5100. The BFT website  complete list of ticket outlet locations at BFT.org. 

Qualified reduced-fare passengers are encouraged to update their applications by calling BFT Customer Service at 509-735-5100 or visiting the Three Rivers Transit Center before the end of October.  

ABOUT BFT: BFT is a successful, innovative transit system in southeastern Washington state that provides bus, paratransit, vanpool and demand response services throughout Benton and Franklin Counties. More information about Ben Franklin Transit and its services can be found at bft.org.