September 9, 2021 12:03 PM

Upgrades to dozens of bus stops throughout Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco are coming soon!  


Route 26S: George Washington Way, Waldron St (near Auto Zone)  

Route 26N: George Washington Way, Symons St (near Floyd Gates Little League Field, across from Exxon & ACE)  

Route 26S: George Washington Way, Hanford St (across from Hanford High School stop)  

Route 20E: Thayer Dr, Williams Blvd (near old Salvation Army building)

Route 123N: Jadwin Ave, Torbett St (near Nova Health Urgent Care)  

Route 123N: Jadwin Ave, Symons St (near Bruchi’s & Domino’s)  

Route 123N: Jadwin Ave, Van Giesen St (near 7-11) 

Route 123N: Jadwin Ave, Lee Blvd (near US Bank) 

METRO Route 1E: Removal of bench and garbage can at Columbia Center Blvd, Geneva St (Kidz Biz Salonz 



Three Rivers Transit Center  

Dayton Transfer Point  

Routes 40E & 47E: Edison St, Canal Dr (near Circle K) 

Routes 40E & 47E: Canal Dr, Quinault (near Meyers Auto Tech) 

Routes 41A & 47WVolland St, Grand Ronde Ave (across from Winco Foods) 

Route 47WMetaline Ave, Edison St (across from Kamiakin HS Track)  

Route 41B: Gum Street, 6th Ave (near 30 MPH sign at brick fence)  

METRO Route 1E: Clearwater Ave, Quay St (near Murley’s Floor Covering) 

METRO Route 1E: Clearwater Ave, Taft St (near UPS store) 

METRO Route 1E: Clearwater Ave, Colorado St (near McDonald’s)  



Route 65E: Columbia St, 4th Ave (across from Pasco Farmers Market)  

Route 64W & 65W: Lewis St, Franklin Ave/Idaho Ave (near Willy’s Mexican Restaurant)  

Route 64WWehe Ave, Lewis St (near Dr. Martin Luther King Community Center & Robinson Elementary)  


*Bus routes will NOT be impacted during this time.