Beginning March 12, 2023, We're going NEW places on Route 64!


ROUTE 64 • PASCO S RD 40 E at Lakeview









Route 64 Expansion Frequently Asked Questions

How many people ride this route?
In 2022, Route 64 provided approximately 32,000 rides. Route 65, the other route that serves the east Pasco area, provided approximately 88,000 rides.

Why did this expansion happen? Who thought of this, and what was the idea behind it?
BFT has prioritized working with east Pasco communities to determine how bus service and mobility can be improved for residents of the area. In 2019, Route 65 was extended to serve the Tierra Vida neighborhood. After this extension was made, it was apparent that the residents of east Pasco also wanted bus service to the Lakeview community located on S. Road 40. In 2020, Amazon approached BFT to request bus service to their future facilities. Both the need to serve Lakeview and the transportation needs of future Amazon workers factored into BFT’s decision to extend Route 64.

How does this benefit the community?
Route 64 extension will provide added bus service to the neighborhoods and employment centers of east Pasco. Route 64 will be available seven days a week and will operate from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturdays, and 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Sundays. Route 64 will continue to operate at 30-minute frequencies during all hours of service.

IMG_0280How does this impact Amazon and possibly community members that may want to work for Amazon? How does this improve routes/transportation?
The extension of Route 64 will enable Amazon workers to directly access the distribution centers on BFT buses. BFT is working with Amazon to make sure our bus schedules align with their shift schedules.

What are some of the major problems faced when planning this, and how were they overcome?
Access—namely, pedestrian and traffic infrastructure—was the major problem. Prior to the construction of the Amazon distribution facilities, very few sidewalks existed on S. Road 40. BFT has worked with Amazon to install ADA-compliant bus stops on S. Road 40 in front of their facilities. There are also plans to coordinate with the City of Pasco and Lakeview to improve pedestrian infrastructure adjacent to the residential and future industrial development to the south of the new Amazon facilities. BFT also worked with Amazon to partner on a bus turnaround facility along Sacajawea Park Road. This facility will not be operational on day one of the Route 64 extension, but it will allow for bidirectional service along S. Road 40 once complete.

As a part of this process, has BFT contacted and worked with Amazon? If so, what was talked about, and what was their response?
BFT has been in communication with Amazon since 2020. BFT agreed to extend service to the new distribution facilities knowing that the service expansion would also benefit the residents of east Pasco. BFT is committed to serving both the residents and large employers that call east Pasco home.

In general, how many people who use the bus are Latinx/Hispanic? 
Those who self-report as “Persons of Hispanic or Latino Origin” make up 33% of BFT’s service area population and about 40% of bus riders. This is a considerable percentage and why BFT emphasizes language assistance, outreach, and adequate service levels for our area’s population of persons of Hispanic or Latino origin.