Winter Rider Alerts

When snow and ice effects roadways conditions, BFT adjusts routes to ensure the safety of our passengers and employees. Depending on the severity of the weather and road conditions, we will release a level 1, level 2, or level 3 Winter Rider Alert. Rider Alerts restrict routes to main roads in order to avoid less maintained neighborhood streets and hills. More restrictions come with higher levels, with Level 3 being the cancelation of specified routes or service all together. Winter Rider Alerts can be applied to individual routes, or all routes in service, this just depends on the severity of roadway conditions.

Stops with the possibility of being effected by a Winter Rider Alert have the sticker shown below posted on them. If you see that your stop has this sticker you can find out if your stop has service by visiting, or our Facebook or Twitter by searching @bftransit. 


Level 1 Winter Rider Alert



Level 2 Winter Rider Alert


Level 3 Winter Rider Alert

In the event of a Level 3 Winter Rider alert, the identified routes will be canceled for the day.