Winter Rider Alerts

Stops and routes affected (none at this time)

Level 3 (Major): none      
Level 2 (Intermediate): none      
Level 1 (Minor):




In snowy or icy conditions, BFT may adjust routes to ensure the safety of our passengers and employees. Depending on the severity of the weather and road conditions, we will announce which routes are detoured at Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3. Routes will be restricted to main roads in an effort to avoid slippery neighborhood streets and hills.

You can find out if your bus route has been affected by checking this page, or calling Customer Service at 509.735.5100.

traffic_lightLevel 3 - Major Detours: Entire bus route(s) or Dial-A-Ride services suspended until further notice.

Level 2 - Intermediate Detours: Possibility of multiple stops and routes out-of-service.

Level 1 - Minor Detours: Possibility of multiple stops out-of-service. 


The following bus routes have predetermined winter routes25, 41, 47, 64, 110, 123, 170 and 225.

Detours are shown on each route map if a pre-planned winter detour has been assigned to the route. To view maps showing winter detours, click on route numbers on the left side of this page. Note: there are no maps for Level 3 as entire route(s) will be suspended.

There are no winter detours for the following bus routes: 42, 48, 65, 66/67, 268.