Frequently Asked Questions About Dial-A-Ride Service Changes

Is Dial-A-Ride going away?
No, it is not. As long as there is fixed-route bus service, we are required by the federal government to have paratransit. Currently, there are no changes to Dial-A-Ride services in the Tri-Cities, West Richland, Benton City, and Prosser.

Are drivers being laid off?

Are Via drivers replacing all the Dial-A-Ride drivers?
No. Via will only be utilized on high-demand days. It will provide overflow services when we are unable to fulfill all Dial-A-Ride requests for the day.

Do Via drivers undergo background checks and safety training?
Yes. The Via drivers that will be providing Dial-A-Ride overflow services will be subjected to the same rigorous background checks and industry-standard training.

How can I make public comments about this change?
Anyone can submit comments on any topic online, and they will be provided to the Board of Directors. Access our public comments page here at

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