What is a Transit Development Plan?

WSDOT and FTA require Ben Franklin Transit to submit a six-year Transit Development Plan (TDP) annually. This is a six-year projection of operating and capital expenditures as well as goals, accomplishments and organizational structure for our transit agency.

Transit Development Plan & Program of Projects

The TDP is a six-year transit plan required by the Washington State Legislature and Federal Transit Administration. The TDP is prepared by the independent transit properties and submitted to the State DOT for approval and final submittal to the Federal Transit Administration. The TDP includes a summary document which shows the size of the fleet, costs, revenue, service revenue hours, revenue miles, expenses, operating characteristics and capital expenditures. Public hearings and a thirty-day comment period are held to obtain input from the public on the TDP. The POP is a listing of planned capital expenditures including construction, vehicles, equipment and consulting support that are funded with FTA grants, state and local funding.

Transit Development Plan Feedback

BFT identifies, on a yearly basis, future transit improvements to the level of the Program of Projects; e.g., a balance of budget against capital improvements. Members of the public are encouraged to review the Transit Development Plan and provide feedback on it at [email protected]. We are always interested in ways to improve it.