We received hundreds of submissions from local middle and high school students and were blown away by the talent and creativity! Thank you to everyone who entered and shared your work with us. A big thank you to all our local art teachers for helping facilitate the contest.

Congratulations to our winners!


1st Place

Zaydean V. - River View High School



2nd Place

Paul E. - Kamiakin High School



3rd Place

Cuin R. - Kamiakin High School



Honorable Mentions

 Maya_Connors  Mattie_Bowers  Reynaldo_Cornejo_(1)

                                                                                 Maya C. -  Southridge High School          Mattie B. - Ki-Be High School           Reynaldo C. - Kamiakin High School

Natalia_Lopez_Acosta  Colton_Starke_(1)  Madison_Oakley_(1)

                                                                                 Natalia L. - Southridge High School      Colton S. - Kamiakin High School      Madison O. - Kamiakin High School

Natalie_McAninch_(1)  Alexa_Carrillo  Emma_Laws_(1)

                                                                                 Natalie M. - Kamiakin High School       Alexa C. - Reynolds Middle School       Emma L. - Kamiakin High School

Morgan_Madder  Noah_Wallace_(1)  Belle_McCombs

                                                                                 Morgan M. - Kamiakin High School         Noah W. - Kamiakin High School          Belle M. - Prosser High School