BFT Art Contest

The Ben Franklin Transit (BFT) Art Contest is an opportunity for students to design an 11x17 poster based on what the annual theme means to them. Participants have the chance to win several different prizes, including a BFT Summer Youth pass, a brand-new bike, money for art supplies, and the chance to have their poster featured on a Ben Franklin Transit bus! 

Contest Guidelines for students - Please do not:

  • Attach anything to the poster.
  • Put your name on the front of the poster, just on the back.
  • Use the names of real sports teams, companies, stores or restaurants.
  • Use real book, movie or TV show titles on the poster.
  • Draw real cartoon, comic, movie or TV characters.
  • Use any real logos, slogans or advertised products.
    • Ben Franklin Transit logo use is approved

Read the 2019 Art Contest Guidelines and download the 2019 Art Contest Poster.

To enter the contest: Email and include your contact information, school and classroom number, and about how many students will be participating from your school. 

2019 Art Contest

Our theme for the 2019 contest was Transit Reimagined


The contest winners are:

Top 3 winners: to be announced in the Spring

Top 16 winners: