Ben Franklin Transit (BFT) supports the purchasing of goods and services that are essential to providing transportation services for the citizens of the BFT’s Public Transportation Benefit Area (PTBA). In serving the PTBA’s needs, the Procurement staff is dedicated to providing efficient and responsive service, in full compliance with BFT’s legal requirements, while upholding the highest ethical and professional standards.

The goal of this site is to assist our vendor community in doing business with BFT by providing information and access to current solicitations.

FTA Regulations

BFT receives federal grants from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to fund a portion of its operations and some capital expenditures; therefore, certain FTA procurement regulations, as well as many other rules, apply. These regulations are contained in the current version of the FTA Master Agreement for Grantees that can be viewed on the FTA website at

The FTA also publishes Circular 4220.1F that summarizes only the procurement rules contained in the Master Agreement.

Vendors bidding on BFT FTA-funded contracts must carefully review and consider the FTA required contracting terms and conditions commonly referred to as the Federal Clauses. There are several mandatory clauses applicable to every type of procurement action and other clauses are based on contract dollar threshold or are situational. Federal Transit Administration Terms and Conditions


Small Works Roster for Public Works Projects

Ben Franklin Transit is a participating member of the shared statewide small public works and consultant roster service administered by the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington (MRSC), a non-profit that supports Washington local governments.

The Small Works Contractor Roster is an online small public works roster, following the statute 39.04.155, which is shared by participating public agencies to search for eligible contractors and solicit bids for small works services, including construction, building, renovation, remodeling, alteration, repair or improvement of real property.  This alternative to advertising for bids on each project under $300,000 saves public agencies money, as does sharing the maintenance costs of this service rather than administering individual rosters.

Ben Franklin Transit encourages contractors to join the free-of-charge MRSC Small Works Contractor Roster by registering online at and select Ben Franklin Transit in your application. Once registered, your company is eligible to receive bid notifications from Ben Franklin Transit and other public agencies searching for small works services. Note: not all public works projects will be solicited using the MRSC, e.g. FTA funded public work projects and some medium to larger public works projects.

Procurement Protest Procedure

A. Vendors and/or taxpayers wishing to protest the legitimacy of any type of procurement action must submit their pre-award Notice of Protest in writing no less than eight (8) working days before the proposal opening date. Such protesters wishing to protest a Contract award must submit their Notice of Protest in writing no more than seven (7) calendar days after the Award of Contract.

B. The Notice of Protest process:

‚Äča) The Notice of Protest shall state in detail all issues and facts applicable to the protest. Issues and facts not stated in the Notice of Protest will not be considered.

b) A meeting(s) will be called within three (3) working days of receipt of the protest and will include representatives from BFT and the protesting party to discuss the issue related to the protest. The protest meeting may be held in person, or by teleconference.

c) A final determination will be made by the BFT General Manager within three (3) working days of the final meeting and the protestor shall be notified of the decision in writing by the Authority by regular mail.

d) The General Manager may, at his sole discretion, extend the limits of the timeline outlined above.

e) The decision of the General Manager shall be final. Any appeal of the Manager’s decision will begoverned by FTA, if applicable.

f) Failure of the protestor to specify their objections in writing and in accordance with the specified time deadlines shall constitute a waiver of all right to protest.

C. This protest procedure shall be made known to all prospective contractors, and is included or referenced in the requirement section of all solicitation documents.

D. All communications with the parties involved, including BFT staff or board members concerning protest, shall be in writing, and will be open for public inspection. BFT shall be responsible for compiling and maintaining the written protest record.

E. FTA may entertain a protest that alleges that BFT has failed to have or to follow written protest procedures. Such protest must be filed with FTA no later than five (5) days after the Manager has rendered his final decision or five (5) days after the protester knows or has reason to know that the Manager has failed to render his final decision. Such protest to FTA must be filed in accordance with FTA Circular 4220.1F, as periodically updated.

F. When a protest has been timely filed with BFT before award, BFT shall not make an award prior to five (5) days after the resolution of the protest, or if a protest has been filed with FTA, during the pending of that protest, unless BFT determines that:

a) The items to be procured are urgently required:

b) Delivery or performance will be unduly delayed by failure to make the award promptly; or

c) Failure to make prompt award will otherwise cause undue harm to BFT or the Federal Government.

In the event that BFT determines that the award is to be made during the five (5) day period following the local protest decision or the pending of protest, BFT shall notify FTA prior to making such award. FTA will not review the sufficiency of BFT’s determination to award during the pending of protest prior to FTA’s proposal protest decision. FTA reserves the right not to participate in the funding of any contract awarded during the pending of protest.

For additional information, contact:

Mailing Address: 1000 Columbia Park Trail, Richland, WA 99352

Procurement Fax #: (509) 735-9880