Service Changes Effective June 19, 2022

2022 Annual Service Plan

Each year the Ben Franklin Transit (BFT) Board of Directors adopts and Annual Service Plan to better align service planning and delivery. The 2022 Annual Service Plan (ASP) focuses primarily on service efficiency, effectiveness and reliability. 

We make service changes annually to reflect changes in demand and increase efficiency to help our riders get to their destinations.

Route 66 - Elimination

As part of planned service enhancements to Route 67, Route 66 will be eliminated due to low ridership and availability of nearby alternatives. Resources will be reallocated to provide enhanced service every 30 minutes on Route 67.

BFT will still get you where you need to go!

  • Take Route 67 to 22nd Ave. Transit Center and transfer to Route 268.
  • Ride BFT CONNECT for direct service to Road 68/100 commercial areas and 22nd Ave. Transit Center to connect to the bus system. Click here to view the CONNECT West Pasco Zone map.
  • Download the Transit app to plan your trip.
  • Call Customer Service at 509.735.5100 and we'll help plan your new route!


Route 67 

  • Service frequency increases from 60 minutes to 30 minutes for improved connections between 22nd Ave. Transit Center, Court St., Rd. 68 and Sandifur Parkway.
  • Route extended south along Broadmoor Blvd. crossing Interstate 182 and making a one-way clockwise loop along Saint Thomas Dr., Saint Francis Ln., and Chapel Hill Blvd.
  • Additional stop at St. Thomas Dr. by TC Prep. 


Route 123 

  • Minor realignment along Keene and Gage Blvd., removing service on Kapalua Ave. to improve travel times and performance on the Southbound 123.
  • One new Southbound stop will be added on Keene Rd. between Elementary St. and Gage Blvd.
  • Two Southbound stops will be removed on Gage Blvd.: RC279 & RC280.

Minor Schedule Changes

Several schedules will be changing. Be sure to check your route schedule to see if it has changed.