Central Kennewick & Finley

                Dayton Transfer Point

METRO Route 3

Routes: 40, 41, 42, 47 & 48

Transit Connection (Vista Way)

METRO Route 1

Route 40

River View High School

Columbia Center & South Richland

Three Rivers Transit Center

METRO Route 1

Routes: 40, 42, 47, 48, 110 & 123

Transit Connection (Columbia Park Trail – BFT Offices)

METRO Route 1

​Transit Connection (Leslie & Gage)

Routes: 110 &123

Transit Connection (BFT Park & Ride – Tulip Lane – FUTURE Queensgate Transit Center)

Route: 110

Transit Connection (BFT Park & Ride – Huntington)

METRO Route 1

Routes: 40 & 41

WoodSpring Suites

Desert Hills Middle School

West Richland & Badger Mountain           

 West Richland Transit Center – BFT Park & Ride

Route: 20 & 110

Transit Connection (Duportail & Queensgate)

Routes: 110 & 123

Central Richland

Knight Street Transit Center – BFT Park & Ride

METRO Route 1

Routes: 20, 25, 26, 123, 170, 225 & 268

Transit Connection (BFT Park & Ride – Stevens)

Route: 123

West Pasco

Transit Connection (Argent & Rd 44)

Routes: 225 & 268

Transit Connection (Burden & Rd 68)

Routes: 67 & 225

Transit Connection (Sandifur & Broadmoor)

Routes: 67 & 225

Transit Connection (Chapel Hill & Rd 100)

Routes: 268

East Pasco

22nd Ave Transit Center – BFT Park & Ride

METRO Route 1 & METRO Route 3

Routes: 64, 65, 67, 225 & 268

Pasco Processing



Catch CONNECT and get your first ride FREE!*

*Discount automatically applied when you create your account and book your first ride!



CONNECT is our on-demand rideshare service that makes it easier and more affordable to connect to the bus network and travel within BFT’s service area. CONNECT is ideal for riders whose starting locations or destinations are too far from a bus stop.


Here's How It Works:

  • CONNECT helps riders get to and from BFT bus, transit centers, and select destinations.
  • There are six CONNECT zones throughout the Tri-Cities.  
  • Book a ride within minutes of when you’re ready to leave and CONNECT will pick you up and take you there. 
  • Each zone has pre-determined destinations you may choose. 
  • When you schedule your ride, your start and end locations must be inside the same zone. 
  • This is a shared ride service, so additional passengers may ride with you on your commute.  
  • Click here for more information about CONNECT zones and the pre-determined destinations. 


How do I book a ride with CONNECT?

Via App App_Store_Transit  Google_Play_Transit
  1. Go the app store on your smartphone and download the Via app. 
  2. Create your account, select your payment method, and enter requested information. 
  3. Tap the address bar or move the pin on the map to edit your pick-up address and confirm your location. 
  4. Select your destination and confirm your ride. 
  5. Walk to your assigned nearby pick-up location and get ready to ride! 
  1. Review your zone map to plan your trip and find your destination. 
  2. Call 509.204.4189 to request your ride. 
  3. Walk to your assigned nearby pick-up location and get ready to ride! 
  • Rides must begin and end in the same zone. 
  • You can pay with your credit card, bus ticket, bus pass, valid transfer, or cash. 
  • If you pay in cash, please have exact fare when boarding, as our drivers do not have change. 
  • Please ask your driver if you need a transfer.