Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Ben Franklin Transit (BFT) Citizens Advisory Network to advocate for public transit and to serve as a resource, to the BFT Board and to the General Manager, in accomplishing the transit’s mission and goals.

About Us

Ben Franklin Transit’s Citizens Advisory Network's charge is to advocate for public transit and serve in a strictly advisory capacity as a resource to the General Manager and BFT Board of Directors. Members serve without compensation except reimbursement for approved expenses. Monthly meetings are held in the BFT Administration Building at 1000 Columbia Park Trail, Building 1038. These meeting are open to the public.

The Citizens Advisory Network has proven valuable to BFT as representatives of the public in reviewing transit budgets, transit development plans, route and fare change proposals, as well as contributing ideas and suggestions leading to more efficient and user friendly transit services. Members represent a broad spectrum of local citizens who believe that having an efficient public transit is a core requirement for continued community growth. This group functions as transit’s eyes and ears and looks for ways to make riding transit a better experience for all.

Citizens Advisory Network Application

Ben Franklin Transit (BFT) is seeking advocates of public transit to serve as members of the Citizens Advisory Network (CAN). Members of the CAN are an integral resource to the Ben Franklin Transit General Manager and Board of Directors through the promotion of transit goals and objectives to citizens of the Tri-Cities, representing the interests of the community, and speaking on behalf of the public on transit plans, policies, and services.

If you are interested in applying for membership in BFT’s Citizens Advisory Network, please complete the application found below and submit it to ADA Community Liaison Supervisor Brandy Arojo at barojo@bft.org. by March 26.

“We are reestablishing the Citizens Advisory Network, which was considered a valuable partner to our executive team and Board of Directors before COVID,” said BFT General Manager Rachelle Glazier. “This group functions as transit’s eyes and ears and looks for ways to make riding transit a better experience for all. We would like the CAN membership to represent a broad spectrum of local citizens.”

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