Have exact fare when boarding. Our Coach Operators cannot make change and do not carry money. You can also use monthly passes, 10-Ride tickets or purchase a Day Pass from the Coach Operator. 


If more than one bus is needed to reach your destination, ask the driver for a transfer. Transfers are free and are good for 1-1/2 hours from the time you get them. Please note, that transfers cannot be used for a return trip on your original bus and transfers are not issued on transfers. An untorn transfer will be used as an All Day pass.


  • Purchase Online
  • Pass By Mail Form (English)
  • Boletos Por Correo (Español)

Bus Pass and Ticket Prices

Regular (Adult) $25.00 $12.00 $1.50
Dial-A-Ride (Note: Dial-A-Ride eligible riders may also ride buses for free) $25.00 $12.00 $1.50
Premium Dial-A-Ride: Pick-ups and drop-offs beyond 3/4 mile of fixed bus routes (Includes Dial-A-Ride in Finley)       $25.00 $3.00
All Day Pass: All ages (All bus routes)     $4.00
Senior Citizens: 65 years and older (All bus routes)     Free
Children: Age 5 and younger (All bus routes)     Free
Youth: Age 6 through High School (All bus routes) $14.00 $8.00 $1.00
Summer Youth Pass $25.00    
Reduced Fare Pass for Medicare cardholders & Disabled persons* $12.50 $6.00 $0.75
Freedom Monthly Pass (Includes unlimited rides on buses, Special Event service, and Dial-A-Ride if eligible) $50.00    
General Demand: 3/4 mile from fixed route (+ bus fare)     $1.00
Premium General Demand: More than 4 miles from fixed route, or outside the PTBA (+ bus fare)     $3.00
General Demand – Finley (+ bus fare or Monthly pass, if needed)     $1.00
General Demand – Prosser/Benton City     $1.50
Special Events

Family of up to 5:

Individual Fare:

Seniors, Disabled or Medicare:




*Reduced Fare Pass information: (Non Dial-A-Ride eligible, ID Required) – Only sold at Three Rivers Transit Center. BFT accepts the following documents as forms of verification for a Reduced Bus Pass:

  • Medicare card
  • Social Security Disability award letter
  • Department of Vocational Rehab (DVR) and Division of Developmental Disability (DDD) letter
  • Written attestation from a Medical/Mental Health care provider (On their letterhead or they can complete & sign our Reduced Fare application)
  • WA State Handicap Parking ID (permanent)‚Äč

PLEASE NOTE: if you have purchased 10-ride tickets at a lesser price they will be honored as full payment on all of the local system services.

Unless otherwise noted, Children age five (5) and under ride free when accompanied by an adult. Children under age six (6) are not allowed to ride Ben Franklin Transit bus service without an adult.