You're Going Places this Summer...
Get there with a BFT Summer Youth Pass

2018-summer-youth-passTo buy a pass online, click the Buy Now button and scroll down to the Summer Youth Pass item.


Just $25 for unlimited rides
$1 day pass (purchase from bus driver)
June 1 - August 31
Students K–12

Why Ride?

Youth who ride transit are:

  1. Healthier: Average transit users get over three times more physical activity per day than non-users.
  2. Safer: Bus related accidents have 1/20th the passenger fatality rates of cars. This is even more impactful for youth, who have twice the traffic injury rates as the general population.
  3. Independent: Riding transit makes kids more independent, confident, and sociable—better preparing them for college and a career.

Where To?

You can ride a Ben Franklin Transit bus throughout the Tri-Cities, with pickup times every 30-60 minutes
depending on your destination.

Check out for a list of popular local destinations and the routes that can get you where you’re going this summer.


Try the new River Runner! A seasonal route with hourly trips through Columbia Park from June through August.