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How do I get a FREE Youth Pass?


Who is eligible for a FREE Youth Pass?

  • All youth (0-19th Birthday) are eligible to receive a FREE Youth Pass.


Are FREE Youth Passes truly free-of-charge?

  • Yes! Youth (0-19th Birthday) can ride all BFT services absolutely FREE.


Do FREE Youth Passes work on BFT CONNECT and Dial A Ride, too?

  • Yes! Youth can ride BFT CONNECT for no charge! Click here to learn more about CONNECT, BFT’s on-demand ride-share service.
  • All Dial-A-Ride eligible passengers (age 18 and younger) may also ride for FREE. To learn more about Dial-A-Ride eligibility, click here.


Do FREE Youth Passes expire?

  • No! The BFT Board of Directors adopted the permanent Free Youth Pass program effective September 1, 2022.


Why are Youth Passes now free-of-charge?

  • In March of 2022, Washington’s legislature passed a 16-year funding program to support and grow the state’s transportation sector. The funding package, named Move Ahead Washington, offered additional Transit Support Grant funding (called the Zero-Fare for Kids grant). To qualify for this funding, BFT must meet certain eligibility requirements including adopting a policy allowing all riders 18 years of age and younger to ride all transportation modes for free.


My child has never ridden the bus before, but I’d like to learn more! How do I get started?

  • It’s simple! Just download the free Transit app, or contact Customer Service, for help planning your child’s trip.  If at any point your child needs assistance, they can always ask a bus driver for help! We’re here to make sure their trip goes smoothly. We also offer language translation services to help riders of all languages ride with ease and Travel Training for additional assistance. 


Can my child take their bike on the bus?

  • YES! Every bus has a bike rack and loading the bike is easy.  Click here to view user-friendly instructions in English and Espanol.