Our Mission

To provide exceptional and cost-effective transportation services that consistently exceed customer expectations while promoting the principles and practices of livable communities and sustainable development.

Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Collaboration
  • Diversity
  • Fiscal Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Safety

Customer Satisfaction:

The result of an ability to constantly and consistently exceed the expectations of external and internal customers.

Sample Indicators:

  • The organization is worthy of dinner table conversation
  • The organization welcomes complaints as a diagnostic tool and acts on correction
  • The organization incorporates a monitoring system that measures internal and external customer satisfaction
  • The Ridership/Usage goes up
  • Senior Management models the principles of customer satisfaction, behavior and attitude
  • The impact on customers is a major consideration in all decision making
  • Employee hiring, recognition, & promotion is primarily based upon customer satisfaction performance
  • The organization’s leadership & employees look for and find ways to add value to the service provided to the community
  • The community sees value in the services provided by the organization
  • The community supports the mission of the organization


The process of bringing together knowledge, experience, ideas and skills to achieve a common goal.

Sample Indicators:

  • Interaction among staff members is positive and supportive
  • Projects, problems, proposals, opinion/ideas are routinely worked on as a group effort
  • Leaders, team members and department staff show teamwork among themselves
  • Positive supportive reinforcement is given to others
  • Communications are open and honest and employees feel free to discuss problems and issues in a non-defensive or non-accusatory manner
  • Board and staff interaction is positive and supportive
  • The organization enjoys good working relationships with other local, state, and federal jurisdictions as well as with quasi-public organizations


The appreciation and respect for different characteristics of individuals and groups that make them unique and able to offer different perspectives, skills and talents.

Sample Indicators:

  • Recognize the differences in others for the betterment of the organization
  • Diversity of opinion is welcomed and encouraged by the organization
  • The organization and its people seek opinion from all segments of staff, customer base and community
  • The organization takes proactive measures to recruit, hire, & promote a diverse workforce

Fiscal Accountability:

The commitment and practice of being exemplary stewards of public resources.

Sample Indicators:

  • Actively seek ways to economize, which do not diminish the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization
  • Provide services and reduce costs by establishing partnerships with other organizations
  • Employees are recognized and rewarded for implementing cost saving ideas within the organization
  • The organization’s leadership and employees are all cost conscious and value oriented
  • The organization’s leadership and employees are held accountable for the cost effective use of public resources
  • Fiscal decisions of the organization are made with the goal of future sustainability
  • The organization will provide basic (core) services first; expanded or additional services are only provided when the organization is fiscally able to do so
  • The organization is fiscally sustainable and accountable


The use of progressive and creative approaches to problem solving and goal accomplishment.

Sample Indicators:

  • The organization prides itself in its ability to change quickly to meet a changing business environment
  • Achievement comes through idea leadership
  • The organization is constantly looking to improve practices, policies and products
  • The organization is flexible and willing to change for the sake of improvement
  • Staff members are encouraged to risk trying something new
  • The organization is constantly on the lookout for a better way and encourages modeling the best ideas, processes and practices
  • The organization shows respect for new ideas
  • The organization encourages the use of benchmarking to improve quality
  • The organization encourages and supports the training and education of its people


The ability to successfully serve the future needs of the people who live, work and play within the community with available resources.

Sample Indicators:

  • The organization encourages and supports livable communities

  • The organization encourages and supports smart growth
  • The organization encourages and supports alternative transportation modes to the single occupant vehicle (SOV)
  • The organization encourages and supports environmental quality
  • The organization encourages and supports community wide transportation accessibility
  • The organization encourages and supports shared rides


The state of being free from the occurrence or risk of injury, danger or loss; a condition of having removed or reduced the potential for harm, injury, danger or loss.

Sample Indicators:

  • A diverse safety committee with broad representation is active and serious about the role it plays in the organization
  • Senior management pays attention to the safety committee and acts on the recommendations it makes
  • Preventable traffic accidents are reduced in number and severity
  • Safety becomes an attitude of constant awareness so that individual accidents are reduced at work, as well as in personal lives
  • The community perceives Ben Franklin Transit and its contractors as a safe mode of transportation
  • Other motorists and local law enforcement know that Ben Franklin Transit drivers respect and put into practice the rules of the road
  • Ben Franklin Transit meets and exceeds safety standards industry wide
  • Employees recognize that safety is a personal responsibility
  • Safety outcomes are monitored, tracked and reviewed in order to improve policies, procedures and training
  • Good safety performance is rewarded within the organization
  • The organization is recognized and rewarded for good safety performance within peer organizations.