We’re part of the solution to cleaner air…and YOU can be part of the solution, too!ecylogo-vert-color_(002)

BFT has partnered with the Washington State Department of Ecology under a grant program designed to help reduce ground-level ozone concentration by promoting increased rideshare use in our community. Rideshare is more than meets the eye, and can include modes such as vanpool, carpool, biking, walking, public transit, and even telecommuting.

The Tri-Cities is situated against the Horse Heaven Hills which, coupled with hot prevailing summer winds and exhaust from vehicles, concentrates ground-level ozone over the community. Should the concentration reach non-attainment levels per EPA National Ambient Air Quality Standards, the Tri-Cities will face an economic burden in order to return to compliance, not to mention its impacts to environmental and individual health. 


  1. VISIT Washington State Department of Ecology to learn more about this issue in our area
    • Check ozone alerts here

Ben Franklin Transit's Ridersharing Options can save you time, stress, and money, and are better for the environment! Have you considered riding the bus, walking, telecommuting, or joining a carpool or vanpool? 


Try our Commute Calculator below to see how much you could save for yourself and the environment by trying Transit!



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