BFT's 2020 Operator of the Year

Mary Gatrel was awarded Operator of the Year in 2020 for her efforts far beyond the day-to-day expectations. She is all about providing phenomenal service to her clients, and her co-workers can’t help but smile when she walks through the doors glowing with positivity!



The fabulous Mary has been a Dial-A-Ride driver for over 7 years. And she was celebrated as BFT’s 2020 Operator of the Year! She is known for her sparkling personality and loving heart as well as her dedication to her customers and community. 


Serving her customers is what keeps her coming back every day with a smile. “I love my people! They serve me more than I serve them.” She relishes in the joy and graciousness her customers have each time they see her. And how much they appreciate the Dial-A-Ride service; without it, the mobility-challenged individuals would have few transportation options. 


The pandemic has been a stressful time and Mary’s joyful demeanor, along with her willingness to lend a hand or listening ear, is greatly appreciated by so many of her co-workers and customers. “I’m just so thankful for my job, I love it. The people that I work with, my customers, they make my day even better!” 


If you want to see Mary’s face light up (more than usual), ask her about her grandkids! She says, “the greatest thing I get to do is be a grandma.” And she just recently welcomed a new grandbaby – congrats, Mary 


It’s safe to say that we’re incredibly lucky to have Mary on our BFTeam! If you see her on the road or in the office, be sure to wave or give her an elbow bump for being simply awesome!