Knight Street Transit Center Reopened March 16

Knight Street Transit Center began renovation on September 3, 2019 and reopened Monday, March 16, 2020. 

The renovations made to Knight Street Transit Center includes new asphalt, new bus platforms, modern shelters and benches, improved lighting, as well as landscaping and conduit placement for future digital signage. 

Monday, March 16



Wednesday, January 8

Several updates have been started since our last update! We have added route signs on our shelters that will correspond with where the bus for that route will pull in. Curbs next to the bus slips are currently being painted with a new coat of yellow paint. 

We have planted trees, are filling in the dirt sections surrounding the parking lot with rocks, plants, and gravel. Sod will be installed once the weather allows


New route signs are on the side of each shelter. Each bus will pull in next to the sign they are featured on. 



The curbs are being painted with a fresh coat of yellow paint. 




Rocks, gravel, and plants have been added to make a more aesthetically pleasing transit center! 



The driver bathrooms/control building is also being updated to match the transit center's updated look!


Wednesday, December 18

The shelters are completed! They have their glass panels, benches, leaning benches, and trash cans installed! We have finished work on the wall separating the parking lot from the street. This wall will also help push the flow of foot traffic onto the correct walkways to keep our riders safe. 


All of our shelters are equipped with 5 bench seats on each side, plus leaning benches on both ends of the shelter. This allows you to sit and wait for the bus under shelter no matter which way the wind is blowing! 


Our new trashcans, these same models can also be found at our new bus shelters around town! 


The wall separating the parking lot from the sidewalk is complete. Landscaping in these areas will commence once the weather is more accommodating. 


The barrier spans the front of the parking lot on each side of the entrance. This will push foot traffic to the appropriate sidewalks and have less people walking through the parking lot. 


Wednesday, December 4

The shelters are assembled! Wind shields, seating, finishing touches need to be installed, but our transit center is looking more functional every day! 



All six of the shelters have been placed and constructed! They still need benches, barriers, and lighting, which will be completed next. 



Landscaping for the barrier and areas around the parking lot is scheduled for the next two weeks. 


The entrances and exits of the bus lanes are almost completed, next addition to them will include stop signs for the buses and do not enter signs for public traffic. 


Wednesday, November 27

Shelters have arrived at Knight Street and installation has begun! Our shelters are thirty feet long and will be equipped with lights, seats, and eventually real time transit information! 


The first shelter after installation. 


Second shelter during the installation process. 



Crosswalks and bus lane markers have been finished. Stop signs and "Do not enter" signs will be installed as well. 


Wednesday, November 20

Work crews at Knight Street Transit Center have continued with painting in the parking lot and the bus entrances and exits. Cross walks have been added to the bus lanes. The secondary parking lot on the Northgate side of the transit center has been painted, as well as walls added to the main parking lot. Barrier construction on the main parking lot has begun. 


Handicap parking has been added to the main parking lot. 


Cross walks are being added to the bus lanes. 



Parking lines and handicap parking has been added to the Northgate parking lot. 


Construction of the barriers on the main parking lot has begun. 


Thursday, November 14

Knight Street Transit Center has recieved fresh paint on the parking lot and entrance/exits to the bus lanes! 


Paint applied to parking lot for transit users. 


"Bus Only" has been painted on the entrance and exits to all bus lanes to prevent public traffic. 


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Knight Street Transit Center is paved! Our work crew paved the bus lanes and the parking lot with asphalt last week. We have also finished installing electrical lines for the lights and rider tools on the platform. 


Finished asphalt on the outer bus lane to Goethals Dr. 


Finished asphalt on the outer bus lane to Knight St.


Finished asphalt on the inner bus lane to Knight St. 


Finished asphalt on the inner bus lane to Goethals Dr. 


Finished asphalt on the Knight Street Parking lot. Lines will be painted in the coming weeks. 


Thursday, October 31, 2019

We are almost ready to finish paving! Knight Street Transit Center now has the crushed gravel layer ready throughout the areas that will need to be paved with asphalt. 



Both sides of the platform, as well as the parking lot, have crushed gravel laid down to prep for asphalt paving. 



The last few sections that still needed concrete are being filled in. The open sections on the platform will be filled in once the lights are installed. 


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Sidewalks, curbs, and ramps have been poured at the transit center! The wide sidewalks provide more room for all of our passengers to maneuver, and our new ramps will make it easier for our passengers with mobility challenges to navigate the transit center. 


The sidewalks along the street are wider to provide a greater buffer between passengers and vehicles.


Each end of the platform now slopes down as a ramp for easier access on and off the platform. 



crews are preparing the parking lot and bus lanes for paving. 


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

We are pouring and shaping new curbs and curb ramps along the outside of the transit center! These new curbs will give the transit center a more fresh look while the ramps will greatly improve accessibility for passengers with mobility challenges. 


New ramps will be poured allowing riders with mobility issues easier access to the transit center. 



New curbs on the street side of the transit center will give it an updated look. 



Some sections of the new curbs are shaped almost ready to be filled in with sidewalks! 


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We are replacing water supply lines, irrigation lines, and electrical conduits for drinking fountains, driver bathrooms, and lights for the transit center! 


The expanded electrical conduit will also support future real time information signs on the bus platforms. These signs will be able to be used for campaign information, pass promotion, and more! 


Monday, September 16, 2019 

We are working hard on the updates. The latest changes include removing our amenities, making our ramps ADA compliant, extending our platforms, and widening the surrounding sidewalks. 


Old amenities have been removed off of the property, including shelters, benches, information kiosks, bike racks, trash cans, and newspaper dispensers. 



ADA ramps that were not compliant with existing requirements have been removed and will be replaced with ramps that are compliant as well as easy to use for our passengers. 




Both ends of the platform have been removed. They will be extended to improve conditions for pedestrians and transit passengers alike. This will allow more room for passengers moving around during high traffic times.



Sidewalks are being widened to allow more room for passengers to move around while staying away from traffic. This helps passengers stay safe and helps drivers to worry less about pedestrians walking in the road. 



There is plenty of work to be done at Knight Street Transit Center, check back later for more updates! 


Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The first step in renovating our transit center is to build the temporary replacement! Northgate Drive is now set up with cones, benches, shelters, and signage to show where you can board your bus!


Cones outline the “bus platform” so the buses can line up in an organized manner. Within the cones there are all of the standard transit center amenities:  benches for passengers to sit on, shelters to protect you from the elements, and signs to show you which routes line up on which side.


Along the mock platform, we have placed signs to help passengers find their bus. Eastbound and Southbound buses line up on the Federal Building side of the platform, while Westbound and Northbound buses line up on the CBC Building side of the platform. These buses to not have assigned spaces, and instead line up as the enter the temporary transit center.

For assistance with the routes, we have placed a BFT employee on the platform in a high visibility vest to answer any rider questions.