Construction Updates: Knight Street Transit Center

Knight Street Transit Center began renovation on Tuesday, September 3. Northgate Drive, between Knight Street and Mansfield Street, will act as a temporary transit center until renovations are complete. 

The renovations being made to Knight Street Transit Center include new asphalt, new bus platforms, modern shelters and benches, improved lighting, as well as landscaping and conduit placement for future digital signage. Check back here for the latest updates.


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

We are pouring and shaping new curbs and curb ramps along the outside of the transit center! These new curbs will give the transit center a more fresh look while the ramps will greatly improve accessibility for passengers with mobility challenges. 


New ramps will be poured allowing riders with mobility issues easier access to the transit center. 



New curbs on the street side of the transit center will give it an updated look. 



Some sections of the new curbs are shaped almost ready to be filled in with sidewalks! 


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We are replacing water supply lines, irrigation lines, and electrical conduits for drinking fountains, driver bathrooms, and lights for the transit center! 


The expanded electrical conduit will also support future real time information signs on the bus platforms. These signs will be able to be used for campaign information, pass promotion, and more! 


Monday, September 16, 2019 

We are working hard on the updates. The latest changes include removing our amenities, making our ramps ADA compliant, extending our platforms, and widening the surrounding sidewalks. 


Old amenities have been removed off of the property, including shelters, benches, information kiosks, bike racks, trash cans, and newspaper dispensers. 



ADA ramps that were not compliant with existing requirements have been removed and will be replaced with ramps that are compliant as well as easy to use for our passengers. 




Both ends of the platform have been removed. They will be extended to improve conditions for pedestrians and transit passengers alike. This will allow more room for passengers moving around during high traffic times.



Sidewalks are being widened to allow more room for passengers to move around while staying away from traffic. This helps passengers stay safe and helps drivers to worry less about pedestrians walking in the road. 



There is plenty of work to be done at Knight Street Transit Center, check back later for more updates! 


Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The first step in renovating our transit center is to build the temporary replacement! Northgate Drive is now set up with cones, benches, shelters, and signage to show where you can board your bus!


Cones outline the “bus platform” so the buses can line up in an organized manner. Within the cones there are all of the standard transit center amenities:  benches for passengers to sit on, shelters to protect you from the elements, and signs to show you which routes line up on which side.


Along the mock platform, we have placed signs to help passengers find their bus. Eastbound and Southbound buses line up on the Federal Building side of the platform, while Westbound and Northbound buses line up on the CBC Building side of the platform. These buses to not have assigned spaces, and instead line up as the enter the temporary transit center.

For assistance with the routes, we have placed a BFT employee on the platform in a high visibility vest to answer any rider questions.