Coming June 21!

What are METRO Routes?

METRO Routes are new bus routes offering service every 15 minutes and covering a wider geographic area throughout the Tri-Cities. More frequent service means reduced travel times, transfers, and wait times. Watch this video to learn more: English & Spanish


METRO_1_Icon_revMETRO Route 1

Combines portions of Routes 120, 126, 150, and 160 with service every 15 minutes between 22nd Avenue Transit Center in Pasco, Three Rivers Transit Center in Kennewick, and Knight Street Transit Center in Richland.
METRO Route 1 map and schedules




METRO_3_Icon_revMETRO Route 3

Combines portions of Routes 150 and 160 not being incorporated into METRO Route 1 with direct service every 15 minutes between Dayton Transfer Point in Kennewick and 22nd Avenue Transit Center in Pasco.
METRO Route 3 map and schedules




More New Routes... Every 30 Minutes or Less

Local_20_Icon_revRoute 20

Replaces portions of Route 120 between Richland and West Richland with service every 30 minutes. 

Route 20 maps and schedules


Local_26_Icon_revRoute 26

Service every 20 minutes during peak hours and every 30 minutes during off-peak hours between Knight Street Transit Center and North Richland via George Washington Way. Service north of University Way will be discontinued from 8:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

Route 26 maps and schedules


Local_40_Icon_revRoute 40

Replaces portions of Route 160 with service every 30 minutes throughout Kennewick with new service along Olympia Street.

Route 40 maps and schedules



Improved Saturday Service on Existing Routes

Routes 42 and 47: Increase service frequency on Saturdays from every 60 minutes to 30 minutes between Three Rivers Transit Center and Dayton Transfer Point in Kennewick. 
Route 42 map & schedules
Route 47 map & schedules

Route 110: Schedule adjustments to coordinate transfers at West Richland Transit Center allowing timed transfers between Routes 110 and 20 for improved service to the Queensgate/Duportail retail area. 

Route 110 map & schedules


Discontinued Routes

The routes below will be discontinued on June 21 as service will be covered by the five new bus routes.

Route 120: Incorporated into Metro Route 1 and Route 20.

Route 126: Incorporated into Metro Route 1 and Route 26.

Route 150: Incorporated into Metro Route 1 and Metro Route 3.

Route 160: Incorporated into Metro Route 1, Metro Route 3, and Route 40.


Common Questions:

When will these changes be implemented?

Monday, June 21.


Will the changes be added to the Transit App?

Yes! Check your app on Monday, June 21.  


Will fares resume when these changes are implemented?

No! All BFT services remain fare-free until further notice.



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